Food Processing
Locomotive [Trains]
Marine / offshore
Material Handling
Metal Forming [Press / Forge]
Mining, Quarries - Mineral processing
Petrochemical / refinery
Power station / generation
Pulp & Paper
Steel Industry
Tyre industry [Rubber manufacturing]
Vintage / Heritage
Wire & Cable
Typical Applications
Electric Motors
Engines/Cylinder Blocks
Gearboxes / casings
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CHINESE [Mandarin & Cantonese spoken if required]

Reconditioners [Engine]

Services: Casting repairs insitu or in our workshop - thread repairs – specialized jobbings [The odd and sometimes ugly work that reconditioners do not want or are not tooled up for]

We work on: Metalock [and thread] repairs to Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder heads, flywheels, housings etc. Machining / repair of manifolds inc. sleeving as required. Sumps.  Machining flame ring grooves in cylinder heads. “I” beams, kingpins, linkages. Engine mounts. Fitting odd injector tubes. MOST of this type of work is from Diesel reconditioners - local and interstate, some even comes from overseas.  These reconditioners and OEM’s such as MTU Detroits, Cummins, Caterpillar, Deutz, etc and their agents are our most consistent and reliable base customers.

Some Sample Jobs  

Bus Block Repair Engine mount reclamation Vintage block repair