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Trunnion End-shield repairs [Major]

Metalock of Australia P/L  perform urgent on site repairs to major fracture on 50 ton Cement SAG Mill end.

Fracture caused by fatigue- unit had some 30 years of production. Unit produces some 60 ton/hr and runs continuously.

Cast Steel mill end had a fracture 3.4m in length, with approximate thickness of 130mm. They were advised to immediately cease use as real concern of imminent major failure / collapse was likely if run with existing fracture.

Actual Metalock Masterlock repairs carried out around the clock within 16 days +preparation [though access to site, inductions, including confined space; removal of balls, internal plates, etc. added 3-4 days] 8 Masterlocks fitted to outside 350mm L x 80mm W x 64mmD. Approx 500 No5 Metalock keys fitted. Repairs to interior of mill end utilized 8 more Masterlocks 50mm D, with a further 400 No.5 Metalock keys fitted.

Repairs carried out in good time to complete satisfaction of Mill Engineers and Management [references available]
Mill used at full production for 2 years then this section was replaced.