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High pressure multistage pump - Power Station

A thrust bearing failure allowed the impeller of this pump to move causing it to weld itself to the parent housing. The pump operates at pressures up to 900 psi, and the high temperature and loss of wall thickness when damaged ensured a difficult repair. Unit was dismantled NDT – Magna-flux tested our works and repairs carried out.  Some 200  No. 4 MN555 Metalocks were installed which required the use of carbide drills to break through the Heat Affected Zone. [HAZ]

A reinforcement ring with a series of ribs was plasma cut in house from templates made to follow the different contours and welded / attached in place. Compensation and wear ring inserts and other machining was carried out prior to final abrasive blasting and ceramic coating in our Sydney Workshop. Repairs carried out in approximately 9 days.